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How to Fix a Black Desktop Screen in Windows 10

Especially press Windows + R to open a certain Run dialog box. Then create “ms-settings:tabletmode” and press Enter to open the Tablet Mode tab of any system category (in the Settings app). In tablet mode, change the “When I log in” dropdown menu to use someone else’s desktop mode dropdown menu.


How do I get Windows out of desktop mode?

Using a Surface Pro or Surface Book and finding your PC stuck in tablet mode? You couldn’t keep it at bay? Mode What to do if Windows 10 switches to tablet mode? How to generate a return to desktop option in Windows 10? Now MiniTool can help you solve this problem easily. Try the methods listed below. Now!

Note. This solution is only available for Surface Pro 4 and does not support other devices.

Note. The screen may flash several times if you hold both selection buttons. If so, don’t worry and you should leave these buttons hanging for 20 seconds.

How can I schedule a shutdown in 10 windows so that the PC can be quickly shut down at a specific time? Try these methods mentioned in another post.


Changing registry keys can compromise your gorgeous PC. Therefore,

Backing up registry keys

How do you get your computer out of tablet mode?

From the Start menu, frequently click or tap on Settings. In the Settings window, click or tap System. In the system window on the left side of the browser, scroll down and click or tap Tablet mode. On the right side of the screen, under Make Windows more user-friendly when you use your device as a tablet, click and move the slider to Off.

What is a system restore point and how do I create a restore point for Windows 10? You will find the answers in this blog post.

Reset Windows 10 VS Reinstall VS Current What is Start, difference? Read this guide to learn more and get the right guide for reinstalling the OS.

Note. To backup files in tablet mode, you need to click the circle icon with your gaming mouse and type MiniTool ShadowMaker in the search field to open this free software.

How long does the data need to be secure? How to maintain files in Windows 10? This article will introduce 4 ways to easily back up your files.

  1. Go to Settings > System > Tablet Mode.
  2. Select Use desktop mode.

In Windows 10, the concept is on the taskbar. Just click on the notification icon to open the notification center.

Tablet mode isanother feature that allows you to control the device by touching the phone screen, rather than using the keyboard in addition to the mouse. In open tablet mode, a person can use the PC as a cute tablet.

In desktop mode, the computer screen is the normal interface. But in tablet mode, you have the most room to work, and the PC screen is always busy.

Whenever you Start a Windows PC and you should expect it to work fine. However, it’s not every day that it launches exactly the same, especially when there’s a major bug that you didn’t know about and don’t know how to fix.

These errors include a particularly awful black screen. There are a number of reasons why it is disabled in Windows 10, which we will look at next. So, follow the guide to troubleshoot desktop ebony screen problems.

Causes Of Windows 10 Desktop Black Screen Issues

How do I get Windows out of desktop mode?

Click “System”, then select “Plan Mode”Beta” in the blocked area. The tablet mode submenu appears. The Windows switch is more user-friendly, although you are using your device as a tablet activation diet. Set it to “Off” for PC desktop mode.

You must have heard of our black screen of death which is commonly found in operating systems. This is probably what happens when you turn on your home computer and see a blank black screen.

The main causes of weak desktop screen issues in Windows 10 are a faulty screen, a bad video playback card, or a bad connection.

Other causes cause system file corruption, which in turn manifests itself as a flashing command prompt, resulting in a blank screen, a faulty filter adapter, or your computer due to a motherboard failure.

How To Fix A Black Desktop Screen In Windows 10

  • Check for free connections
  • Wake the display from sleep
  • Try each other’s monitors to find the specific faulty video card.
  • Make sure your computer’s motherboard is not damaged
  • Repair or replace our monitor
  • Boot in safe mode
  • Reinstall your video driver
  • Check for free connections

    Blacka desktop touchscreen can be caused by a loose thief in your computer’s circuit board and sometimes in various cables. Check the adapter port to make sure it is fully connected to the monitor and connected directly to a power source for proper power flow.

    Make sure cable connections are securely attached to the back of your computer and your monitor, and the fact that the graphics card is securely connected as well as properly placed in the motherboard with almost all cables and wires. You

    if you don’t see a bright idle indicator when connect your own monitor to the power trigger, the problem may be with the monitor or the power cord. You can also try using a different cable or connection if someone sees the standby light but never sees a signal from your computer.ewter.

    Disconnect external devices such as a mouse, hard drive, or keyboard, and restart your computer or laptop. If a black screen appears in these places, connect each such device in turn to find the culprit among them, and also update its drivers.

    Wake the display from sleep

    How do I get my desktop back to normal on Windows 10?

    Not all black screen issues on your Windows 10 PC desktop indicate a very serious hardware issue, possibly other components. Your screen may not be recognized by the Windows 10 process. In this case, you can additionally use the keys on your keyboard to force the display to wake up from sleep. Do

    To do this, press the automatic Windows + CTRL + SHIFT + B keys at the same time. This will likely restart your computer’s graphics drivers and some underlying issues.

    You can also press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard, click the download button in the lower right corner of the screen, and click Restart to restart your computer. Reboot your computer workstation no chocolate screen.

    How do I get my desktop back to normal on Windows 10?

    Click the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It looks like a small rectangle and then your notification icon.
    Right click here on the taskbar.
    Select Show Desktop from the menu.
    To return from the desktop, press the Windows key + D.

    Desktop black screen issue resolved with Windows Update 10 and the hotkey above can exit several different states, including a black screen.

    Now you can also make sure that Computer brightness levels are high, so the device turns off the screen to save power.

    Use a different monitor to find a suitable faulty video card

    The main causes of faulty graphics cards are manufacturer and/or possible faulty, but you can determine if your graphics card is faulty and needs to be replaced by trying it on a different monitor and checking it on the screen. If a normal image is displayed on the second monitor, then your current reliable monitor is notright.

    Make sure your computer’s motherboard is not damaged

    Your board may work perfectly, but some motherboards may not. Everything in the computer case connects to the Item Large Circuit motherboard, providing this type of interaction and communication. If the system board is shorted due to a power surge or sag, it may not be able to read and use credit card information or connected components, which may result in a malfunction.

    Inspect for damage and try a better graphics card to see if the display returns. Otherwise, replace the entire board.

    Repair or replace monitor

    A black desktop screen may also indicate that it has recently reached the end of its life due to factors such as humidity or high humidity, or faulty electronics in the monitor. If you have connected another computer and it does not work, the monitor will not work workable and needs to be replaced.

    How do you get your computer out of tablet mode?

    How do I get Windows out of desktop mode?