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Fix Discord Voice Connection Error on Windows 11/10

Our Voicemail is an anti-fraud system that monitors frequently dialed calls and disables all unauthorized numbers, making it impossible to call many unauthorized numbers.

I recently had this acquired problem when I noticed that I couldn’t send or receive voice messages.

I found some secret cheat guides on this and other forums, but toUnfortunately, I also found a non-SOT-focused article that seems to highlight a problem on my end, which unfortunately addresses a specific issue that I may or may not have. Before trying this unique product, I would like to share my opinion as I have noticed that many others have the same issues and I often forget to share things that seem to work for me. Therefore, before checking if the found solution works, I did the following:

Edit: I can confirm that some of the solutions below fixed the problem I was having (specifically Windows Firewall was disabled. Enable the option and optionally set the default policy + restart “private computer”).

  1. The Official GeminiStatic Guide to Windows 10 Audio and Chat

  2. Source: – The Standard Reference for Communication Devices

  3. (My own ideas) On Windows 10, open the XBox Live app. Click “Settings”, then “Network”.
    3.1. Make sure the NAT type is Open.
    3.2 Connecting to the server: make sure it is alsoe “open”. If “Blocked” (which was in my case – see below).
    3.3 Checking Xbox Live status – March 16, 2019 means there are issues.

  4. To fix the connection to the server: Again I found this “stuck” guide extremely helpful: the connection to the internet hosting server of the Xbox App on Windows 10 really got stuck

Pay special attention to this section:
* If “Blocked” is indicated, your computer cannot establish a Teredo IPsec connection to the Quality of Service (QoS) server. If you also see that Teredo can’t claim NAT, visit the Teredo troubleshooting page first to resolve this issue. Then make sure the server connection no longer shows Blocked.To

An error occurred while establishing a Teredo IPsec connection. The QoS server may occur even if Windows Firewall is disabled, your security software has changed the Windows Firewall configuration, or Windows services have been disabled or stopped. If your computer is unable to establish a great Teredo IPsec connection, you should ensure that you are not using a service withXbox Live flyer and do not play multiplayer games associated with Xbox Live. /p>

Note Teredo IPsec connectivity, except for Xbox Live bash chat and multiplayer features. If your favorite game isn’t using Xbox Live, check out the game’s support resources for help with chat and multiplayer issues*.

Make sure Windows Firewall is enabled and the policy is active by default

A firewall program is an important part of any business network. But it must also be able to wreak havoc on the flow of VoIP deployments.

Windows Firewall is required to establish a Teredo IPsec connection. Even if you use additional security software and even most firewalls, they use Windows Firewall as a base. If for some reason Windows Firewall has been disabled, you’ll need to enable it in order to use Xbox Live Team Chat and possibly multiplayer games.

Type Windows Firewall in the Alexa plug-in (Cortana) search field.
Select Windows Firewall from the search results.
On the tab on the left, select Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
If your network (public, private, or domain) requiresSelect the “Turn off Windows Firewall” option, select “Turn on Windows Firewall” and click “OK”.
You may need to restart your computer.

I hope this helps find a good path in the SOT community for individuals without wasting time on some of the research I’ve done.

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Obinna Onvusobalu has studied information and communications technology and is an active supporter of the Windows ecosystem. He runs a desktop software clinic. He says it’s best to practice creating a system restore point before making any changes to your computer.

Some Discord enthusiasts report that they encounter different voice connections when trying to join voice channels on Discord using a Windows 10 or Windows 9 PC. This post usually provides the correct solutions for this problem.

How To Fix Voice Discord Connection?

Open the control panel.
Click System and Security.
Click Windows Firewall.
Click the Restore Inputs link in the left pane.
Click the Restore Defaults button.
Click Yes to confirm.

Open the control panel.
Select System and Security.
Select Windows Firewall.
Select Turn off Windows Firewall using or on the left half of the screen.
Select a filter next to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended).
Select OK to mark the changes.

There are several different chant connection bugs that prevent you from connecting to thoughts in Discord. Errors usually mean that there is a connection problem on your end – perhaps a software firewall or VPN.

  • Checking ICE
  • No route
  • Connecting to PSTN
  • Connected

Why Isn’t My New Voice Connection Connected To Discord?

Reasons that can cause errors and therefore make you unheard on Discord:

  • The requested IP address for the PC has changed.
  • Discord has been blacklisted by a firewall or third-party antivirus.
  • The laptop or desktop is using VPN without UDP.
  • Discord has been blocked by the network administrator.
  • The server’s voicemail region is not compatible with the personal client.
  • QoS is not working on your network.

If you encounter any of these errors,To the Discord voice connection above, you can try our recommended solutions below, in no particular order, and see which case solves my problem.

  1. Restart your PC and internet device
  2. Run the troubleshooter
  3. Uninstall third party webrtc security software or whitelist Discord
  4. Uninstall VPN (if applicable) )
  5. Switch to Google Public DNS
  6. Change server language region
  7. Disable QoS in voice and video settings
  8. Flush DNS
  9. Allow Discord through Windows Firewall

Let’s look at the description of the exact process required for each of the undeniably listed solutions.

1] Restart your computer and World Wide Web device ezah=”250″

The first thing customers may try to fix for Discord voice connection errors that you may encounter with Windows vs Computer is to restart your computer as effectively as your internet device (modem/router). If this step doesn’t work, go to the next solution.

2] Run the installerWebRTC issues

Here you just need to run the WebRTC Troubleshooter at and see what the results suggest and what action is recommended.

3] Remove third-party home monitoring software or whitelist Discord

To do this, you need to uninstall any third party security software installed on your Windows 10/11 PC using a dedicated AV repair tool. Alternatively, you can whitelist the Discord app and see if that helps, unfortunately.

4] Remove VPN (if applicable)

PC users who actively use a VPN solution that is not configured to use User Datagram Protocol (UDP) are the most likely to encounter this type of error. This is because this Discord app is not designed for your needs when dealing with VPNs that do not use the User Datagram Protocol. In this unique case, you can either uninstall the VPN software you used on this game You can either have a Windows PC or currently configure your VPN to use UDP.

5] Go to Google DNS

When using this public solution, all you have to do is switch to Google’s public DNS. If the issue persists, the person can try the following solution.

6] Change server region

If you’re getting this error when trying to connect with a friend on a different continent, it’s probably because the server is using a different language city. If this is the case, as in your case, the solution is indeed to ask the administrator of the specific server to set the field scope to something different from the server settings.

7] Disable QoS in voice and video settings

This issue may occur if you are experiencing QoS (Quality of Service) issues on Windows 10/11 Personal. In this case, disabling QoS (quality of service) in the user settings in the Discord app should fix the person’s problem.