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Deploy the scheduled task for Win10 with the user who needs


This article provides a solution to fix error 0x80041323 that occurs when training a large number of scheduled tasks.

Used to provide you with: 7 Service Pack i, Windows Server 2012 R2
Source group KB: you 2696472


  • I have a Windows laptop or PC running a large number of scheduled tasks under the same user account.

  • The job fails intermittently, and in the LastRun main parameter, you can see the message immediately after

    The Task Scheduler service may be too busy on error 0x80041323

  • The following specific event may be logged in the Task Scheduler work log:

    Log name: Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
    Id microsoft-windows-taskscheduler/operational
    Source: events: 706
    Task Category: Compatibility Module Task Status: Failed
    Description: Upgrading the task compatibility heap failed to update task ‘‘ to the required one withstatus 0. Additional data: errors: value 2147942405.
    Error usually means more:

    for decimal -2147216605 / hex 0x80041323

    The Task Scheduler service is too busy to serve you

  • In addition, you may even notice the following events appearing in the subscribed task scheduler operation log when the task queue quota or kernel allocation is exceeded:

  • If the task queue quota is exceeded:

    Event ID 131
    Description: Failed to start task scheduler for target ‘‘; because the number of vacancies in the task queue exceeds most of the currently configured quota by .
    Reduce the number of user actions: increase the number of running quests or run the configured row quota.
    Event ID 132
    Description: The task scheduler releasing the queue quota is approaching the predefined task limit, which is currently set to . .Action .
    reduce .user: .increase .number of .running .tasks or allocated queue quota.

  • If engine limit is exceeded:

    Can cron be used in Windows?

    In Microsoft, windows cron jobs are called scheduled jobs. They can be added through the Windows Task Scheduler UI, simply using PowerShell, or using the included Schtasks helper.exe. Running a task at a specific time or on a recurring basis is one of the most common administrative tasks in any operating system.

    Event ID 133
    Description. The Task Scheduler may run TaskEngine on periodically to obtain user .
    User Response: Reduce the number of initiatives that run in a given user context.
    Identifier 134
    Description: The Task Engine User event for is approaching a predefined task limit.
    Reduce the number of users: process the number of running tasks or increase the configured queue, quota if necessary.


    Event id 132 and event id 134 can only indicate the impending nature of the problem, not the actual problem. The problem may or may not occur after these events.

  • Reason

    According to the sched_e_service_too_busy mode, this is logged when the queue is full. The above condition occurs when:

    1. The task queue summer quota has been exceeded.
    2. ExceedsEngine quota price.


    To solve this unique problem, set our quota to the maximum value of the la key.

    1. Click start, select and again then edit, press ENTER. Then
    2. find, press the following laptop or computer key:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\Configuration
    3. Right click on TasksInMemoryQueue, select Edit and look at Edit.
    4. In the data package, enter the value 1000 (decimal). You
    5. right click on TasksPerHighestPrivEngine, click Edit, then click Edit.field
    6. In “Value (decimal)”, enter 1000.
    7. Right-click TasksPerLeastPrivEngine, select Edit, then click Edit.field
    8. For Value, enter 1000 (decimal).of
    9. Exit Registry Editor and restart the host computer.

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    The task queue quota is controlled by the “TasksInMemoryQueue” value, and the per-core quota is controlled by the “Tasksperhighestprivengine” and “TasksPerLeastPrivEngine” registry values ‚Äč‚Äčlocated in the following registry key:

  • TasksInMemoryQueue [default = max. 75, 1000]

  • Sets = the maximum number of assemblies that can be queued in the main session manager. Once this safe limit is exceeded, any new task instances to run will be rejected and you will receive event ID 131.
  • this queue applies to most tasks.
  • TasksPerHighestPrivEngine [default=100, best=1000]

  • Specifies the maximum number of Large Enterprise Instances that can be running for a “high” task (taskeng.exe) at any time due to time constraints.
  • There is one engine task per session client (for example, SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, Admin, user1, USER2, etc.)
  • Here, “high” corresponds to the tasks most likely to be selected with “execute with” privileges.[by
  • tasksperleastprivengine defaults to 50, max. = 1000]

  • Similar to TasksPerHighestPrivEngine, except it matches non-elevated tasks.
  • Link

    Event ID 131: Job service quotas
    Event Scheduler ID 132 – Service Quotas pTask Scheduler

  • 3 minutes if you must read
  • Event ID 132 and Event ID 134 are only an indicator of an impending problem, not the individual’s problem itself. The problem may not occur or occur after most of these events.

    This section provides buyers with instructions on how to modify their listing. However, serious problems can occur if you change the registry incorrectly. So be sure to follow these precautions carefully. To protect yourself, re-add the registry before editing the file. You can then restore your laptop or computer if something goes wrong.

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