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I’ve set up to receive the dreaded 529 overnight event related to my SBS2003 server logs.

SBS2003, a fairly small number of users (4), as well as a few client machines.

The two visitors typically have domain accounts but log on locally and use resources such as printers. These users receive newsletters via POP3. The other 2 users connect to the domain and need all the setup (MAPI mail, network voices, printers, etc. etc.).

There is a TV broadcast with 529 events in the SBS computer log.

Event Type: Error Check
Event Source: Security
Event Category: Entry/Exit
Event ID: 529
Date: 2012-02-13
Time: 01:21:41
Computer: ATO-SBS
Connection error:
Reason: username, company name or invalid name: william
  Login Password
 User type: 3
 Registration process: Advapi
Job Title: ATO-SBS
Caller UsernameCaller ID: ATO-SBS$
 Caller Domain: ATO-MAIN
Caller Connection ID: (0x0.0x3E7)
Calling process ID: 5864
 Transit services: –
Source network address: –
 Source port: –

William is one of those users who managed to log into their machine locally, and at that time the machine was actually turned off for the night.
At start of the user gives the same error. It is domain based and uses a domain account. Other

A user with a professional login also has this type of event in the SBS hosting log.

Two users who will be using your own local login to their clients have been locked out (with event ID 537) for these domain accounts. But domain review users are not in a closed state.

It’s interesting that each count has multiple repetitions, but nonetheless they don’t overlap: usually all the events for William happen when they precede all the dawn events, based on the example (chronologically, I mean).

Not I’ve set up Sharepoint on a different server for a long time and so far the only users I’ve set up have been Don and me.

I ran into thousands of such events a few days ago, and they showed that source IP addresses are being stalked by other countries. I tightened up my monitored firewall and changed this special admin password.

I accidentally closed port 31 both ways and didn’t get a call for a while (oh). Yesterday I reopened both paths. Unless the following is an external login attempt, I doubt it’s relevant as it assumes the event is not fired
when trying to log in using a non-existent user, it is unlikely that the home address is external (how can one be sure of usernames and target only them?).

Finally “Wow! My computer is running at full speed!” Melanie Kim 18.07.2016

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