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If you’re working with the Visual Studio container tools, you might have trouble building or debugging your own application. Below are some general troubleshooting steps.

Volume Sharing Is Not Enabled. You Enable Volume Sharing In Docker Settings For Ce Windows (Linux Only)

Sharing wine bottles with files requires better management only if Hyper-V uses them with Docker. If you are using wsl 2, the following steps are not needed and the file sharing option is not visible. How to solve this problem with right docker:

  1. Click the button in the notification area and select Settings.

  2. Choose Resources > File Sharing and select the share you want to access. Sharing the system drive is possible, but not recommended.Succeeded

Don’t Start Debugging

One of the reasons could easily be related to the presence of pesky components in your profile’s debug directory. Executethose following commands, remove most of these folders so that the latest debugging components are loaded without hesitation in the next debugging session.

  • remove %userprofile%\vsdbg
  • remove %userprofile%\onecoremsvsmon
  • Typical Network Errors When Debugging A Good Application

    Try the loadable runtime script Purge from Container Host Networking,
    This will update these special network components on your coordinator computer.

    Mount C Rejected

    When using Docker for macOS, an organization may encounter an error when referencing the /usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/NuGetFallbackFolder folder. Add Market folder tab to “File Sharing” in Docker.

    Docker Group

    You users may encounter the following error in Visual Studio when working with containers:

    Docker Desktop integration requires a user to currently belong to the docker-users group.
    Add them back to the "docker-users" group, then log out of Windows.

    You must be part of the “docker-users” component group, in which you must nest permissions to work with Docker containers. To addyourself in an automatic group in Windows 10 later or later, do the following:

    1. Open Computer Management from any Start menu.
    2. Expand Local Users and Groups and select Groups.
    3. find the docker user group, right click and select “Add group”.
    4. Add your user profile or accounts. Exit
    5. Accept and disable these so that the changes take effect. also

    You can use the exact net command in the local group admin command to add users to markets-specific groups.

    net localgroup docker-users DOMAIN\usernamespace

    By default themes/add

    Small Dockers Are Stored In The %programdata%/docker/ Folder, Usually On The *C:\ProgramData\Docker* System Drive. In Order For Images To Take Up Precious Disk Space, You Can Change The Location Of The Image File. To Do This, Right-click On:

    1. Click On The Docker Icon In The Power Bar And Select Preferences.
    2. Select The Docker Engine.
    3. In The Edit Panel, Add Any Parameterp The graph Property To The Value Most Commonly Associated With Your Docker Images For The Desired Location:

    Press “graph”: “Apply” And “Reload”. These Steps Change The Location Of The Configuration File To %ProgramData%\docker\config\daemon.json. Previously Developed Images Will Not Be Moved. Enter Containers


    Incompatibility You Prefer Docker Schema Support, Select Any Container Also Windows, Known As Linux Container. If The Docker Server Is Configured Not To Use The Same Container Type As The Target Of Your Project, You Will Almost Certainly Get An Error Message Similar To The Following:

  • Right-click The Docker By Windows Icon In The System Tray And Select Switch Windows To Containers… And/or Switch To Linux Containers…
  • See Bugs Also

  • Remove Studio visual
  • 2 minutes of studio playback
  • Visual Later duplicates Studio visual 2017 Transcription 15.6 and will warn you if shared drives are not configured.

    Approximate time hshadow: 21 minutes

    Did your company know that Docker Desktop supports developers with a paid Docker subscription (Pro, Team, or Business)? Update now to get Docker support. Click here to find out more.

    Update now

    This page provides guidance on diagnosing, troubleshooting, and fixing issues with Docker Desktop, Docker Desktop support requests, logging and proper reporting of team reasons for using Docker Personal Desktop, forums and the Success Center, viewing and logging issues on GitHub. , get workarounds for known issues.


    Select Troubleshoot
    Select > Menu from the troubleshooting options panel.

    The troubleshooting page contains the following options:

  • Restart Docker desktop

    : Select this option to restart the Docker desktop.

  • Support. Users current with paid docker can use this option to request submission to support. Other users can easily use this option to diagnoseSticks of issues I’m having with Desktop Docker. Additional information can be found in the sections in “Diagnostics” and “But comments, but support” also.

  • Reset Kubernetes Cluster

    : Select this option to clear all Kubernetes loads and resources. For more information, see Kubernetes.

  • /

    Clear Select Data: This option is to remove the data container and image. If you want to wipe a Hyper-V, 2-wsl or Windows container, stay and click “Erase” to confirm.

  • Factory Reset Select Settings: This option will reset all settings.Desktop
    docker fits the most initial circumstances, as does Docker Desktop first when installed.

  • Diagnosis Based On This And Comments Received

    Application Diagnostics

    If you have a problem for which you may not find a cure here
    Documentation, Docker Desktop Issues for Windows
    or our own docker for Windows
    , most can help you
    Fixed bug in log detailsla.Before reporting a problem, we encourage you to review the information on this page to troubleshoot some known common issues.

    1. Select > Troubleshoot.
      in the menu.
    2. Login to Docker Desktop. Also make sure you are logged into your Docker account.
    3. Click Get Help. This will launch the in-app support page and fix the diagnostic.
      Diagnosis and Support
    4. After the diagnostic data collection process is complete, click Download to get the diagnostic ID.
    5. After downloading the diagnostic, Desktop Docker will print the From diagnostic ID. Copy this ID.
    6. If you have a paid subscription to docker, click “Contact Support”. The Docker Desktop support form will open. Fill in the information received and paste the previously copied ID in the Diagnostic ID field. Click Submit to request Docker Desktop support.



      To access the form the benefitstv, preferably sign in to Docker Desktop using your Pro Team plan credentials or. For more information on what’s drawn from the Docker support part, see Desktop PCs. Support.

    7. If your company doesn’t have a paid docker subscription, just click Upgrade to get Docker support to upgrade your existing account.
      You can also report bugs to discover a new Desktop Docker issue on GitHub, open This Docker Desktop on Windows In github of your embedded browser model in Web New Edition. Fill in the Required Information and also add the Diagnostic ID that your organization copied earlier. Click Submit New to make changes and create a recurring issue.