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where is my settings icon for android and iphone or phone

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The October 10, 2018 Update brought a welcome addition in the form of a dedicated Your Phone app. You can send, receive and receive SMS without leaving your computer. Even more flawlessly implemented is the remote viewing of all new photos taken by the camera of an Android smartphone.

How To Restore Normal Android Policy?

Here are all possible general fixes you can try to get Android back to normal. Apart from using fixes, factory reset and booting into safe mode, if the problem persists, it is best to perform a full Android system restore. And for this, Tenorshare For Reboot Android is the best choice.

How Do I Fix A Desktop Icon Not Showing As Number 1 In Windows 10?

Press the Windows key + I to open it and navigatein the “Personalization” section. Scroll through this section if you need help choosing desktop icon settings. Select the main item for which you almost never see the icon and click the Edit icon here to replace the website. If that doesn’t work, click the “Restore Defaults” button on the existing screen more often. 5.

How To Boot A Disabled Android Phone?

Step 1: After launching dr.fone on your computer, click the “System Restore” button in the incontinence policy utility. Get USB now and run ads on your android device for many computers. Step 2: Select the actual android recovery tab which is usually persistent on others. Then click on the “Start” button.

How Can I Deliver Broken Icons In Windows 10 Fix I?

Here’s the definitionHere’s a way to fix one of these in Windows 10. One of all the normal “fixed windows” that many of us have to do right now is probably resetting the icon thumbnail cache. If the icons are in any way inconvenient – empty, occupied by an application, or not displayedShrinking normally – resetting the Stellar cache may solve the problem.

Public and commercial networks can cause connectivity issues

If you are still trying to use the applications in your workspace, you may not always be able to successfully log in. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your IT department or network administrator.

If you’re connected to a good public Wi-Fi network (such as a hotel or coffee shop), they have network restrictions preventing you from connecting. Public communities can also slow down your skills or affect screen quality, especially if you use multiple mobile plans at the same time.


In cell phones, mobile phones or mobile iPhone, the most important thing is the part of settings available in your mobile phone. We will tell you where my icon configuration settings for Android and iPhone mobile or cell phones are located. If you are working with a mobile phone, you need to either change the structure document, or activate the simulation, or disable the simulationtion in a mobile phone. Then you need to access the settings app here on mobile.

You can also learn how to return the iPhone settings icon to the home screen?

Most of the general settings for your new iPhone 4 can be found in the iPhone manual, but most of the general Android settings can be found on the Google website for Android mobile phones.

Sometimes we can’t exactly know where my control icon is on my Android phone, or even the settings icon on my internal iPhone. Motorola’s cqatest is one of its diagnostic test applications.

Where Is The Settings Icon On An Android Mobile Phone?

Android is the most popular earning system among all mobile phones with one call. About 77% of mobile phone users are hard at work with the Android system. Many versions of the Android operating system from Google and on your website you will find Samsung, Xiomi, Oppo and Vivo mobile phones that run on Android systems.

In order to get the settings icon for mobile phone menu settings, you must first define an icon for each of oursettings.

Where Is The Samsung Settings Icon On Mobile

To get this world famous Samsung in your phone, you need to follow the following three methods

First Way

  1. Swipe down on the notification area
  2. Usually in the upper left or upper right corner you will see the settings icon shown in the picture. Method
    1. Go to

    Second Home Screen

  3. Tap The App Icon
  4. Find The Exact Picture Of The Settings Icon Shown In The Section Above.
  5. Sorry, Press The Symbol
  6. Li>

Third Way

  1. Go to Home Screen
  2. Navigate and navigate to the next page and the World Wide Web until you find the building icon shown in the image above. is to search and enter settings, and the result is actually the settings icon.
  3. Now click on the why icon and manage your settings.

Where Is The Settings Icon In Windows Phone?

Windows phones use the Windows operating system and we explain how to usethree different methods to find settings icons in Swowns Mobile.

Windows Phone First Production Method

To get known Windows Phone settings, do the following.

  1. Scroll the Windows home web page from right to left and you will definitely see your applications.
  2. Look at the alternatives icon and that’s it.

Second Tactic

  1. Click on the All apps in section image and find the Settings app in the My list.

2. Click “All Apps” to view all apps installed on your Windows Phone.

3. Find the settings program icon in this app and click

Third Way

The third way is to open the settings section for the tooltip section. To create it, follow these steps.

  1. Swipe down from the Windows Voice notification area.
  2. You will be taken to the “All settings” panel in the upper right corner.

3. Now tap All Rings to access all typical settings including VPN, Wi-Fi, hotspot and mobile networkszi.

Where Is The Settings Icon Located As Well? IPad

iPhone is the second most popular mobile phone number in the world. To find the settings icon on your iPhone, you need to follow the setup tips.

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Swipe up on the page on the left and you will see the settings screen as shown in the following image.

How Do I Get The Settings Icon On My IPhone In Advance?

Whenever you don’t get an app, like how to set up an app on your iPhone! ! ! ! We have explained the simple steps below.

Type 3: Settings and after that you will see the icon come back to you.

4. Once you get these app environments, click on this app

8.After removing the folds, this reset homepage layout disappears and the default image settings are displayed.

How Do I Get The Settings Icon Back? clocks On IPhone 4s?