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How to collect data about Microsoft Windows events

How Can I Prevent My Computer From Crashing Under Load?

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  • describes the deployment architecture and installation methods, and
    any requirements that bring protocols supported by the Chronicle
    Windows Event Analyzer. For Chronicle overview data
    Reception, dates see consumption chronicle.
  • contains information about Oh, how parsers display most of the software log history fields.
    into the fields of the unified data model.
  • Supported Devices And Chronicle Versions

    The analyzer uses the protocols of the following versions of Microsoft Server.
    Microsoft Windows Server will be released in the following editions: Foundation, Essentials,
    Switch and data center. scheme Seminar protocols, which are not created by everyone, differ

  • Microsoft Windows 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows 2012
  • Chronicle Scanner attachment logs from Microsoft Windows 10 and later clients

    Supported Types

    The Chronicle parser supports variants of the following protocols created by Microsoft Windows.
    systems. For more information about log types, see
    Microsoft Windows Event Documentation Log.
    It provides protocols created with English text content and is not supported
    connects in generated languages ​​other than English.

    Protocol type Notes

    Security Check security and event logs. Application Events are registered either programmatically. When the screen is set
    local, non-protocol values ​​are application/hex. System Events registered by Microsoft from Windows system components.

    Deployment Architecture

    This table lists the recommended core components for each type of deployment.
    The Microsoft architecture collects data about Windows events. Each deployment client is different
    of course, starting from this view, getting more and more complicated.

  • Systems in a deployment architecture can be configured using UTC time.
  • NXLog is usually installed on the Windows microsoft Server Collector.
  • Microsoft Windows Server Firewood Collector gets servers, endpoints, and
    remote domains.
  • Microsoft Windows systems in deployment environments use the .Initiated format.

  • source To collect subscriptions incidents
    multiple per device.
  • WinRM Service for Remote Systems Management enabled.
  • NXLog is set in the Collect server windowor for pre-logging.
    Forwarding a timeline.
  • Chronicle Forwarder is permanently installed on a Microsoft Windows collector by a friend on a Linux server.

    Note. If you choose to deploy Chronicle Linux Forwarders servers, each of our servers
    Linux and Microsoft collector server will be windows different systems. if you are
    Decide to deploy Chronicle-Forwarder for Microsoft centrally windows for your Microsoft Windows.
    and Server Collector Windows microsoft Server can be the same system.

  • Set Up Your Systems

    Set Up Microsoft Servers, Windows Terminals, And Domain Controllers

    1. Install and configure additional servers, endpoints, and website name controllers.
    2. Configure all systems to use UTC time.
    3. Configure devices for Collector forwarding logs for Microsoft Windows Server.
    4. Set up virtually a subscription, any source-initiated, on a Microsoft Windows server (collector).below
      information initiated subscription, one for each specific source.
    5. Enable Microsoft WinRM on Windows clients and servers. See instructions.
      Setup setup and uninstallMicrosoft Windows member control.

    Set Up A Collector On A Microsoft Windows Server

    Set up a central Microsoft Windows server to capture systems.all

    1. Set up systems with UTC time zone.
    2. Install NXLog. follow this
      Documentation for NXLog.
    3. Create a settings file for NXLog.Use
      Input segment for Microsoft Windows Server security leak logs.
      Replace with value information Most important Microsoft value
      Windows or Linux server. See the NXLog documentation for more information about content.
      om_tcp module.

       specify ROOT C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog

      Label %ROOT%\cert certdir set CONFDIR %ROOT%\conf LOGDIR set %ROOT%\data Set log file %LOGDIR%\nxlog.log %LOG FILE% log file %ROOT%\modules module directory CacheDir %ROOT%\data PID File %ROOT%\data\ SpoolDir %ROOT%\data xm_json module Windows_Security_Eventlog> Path="System">* ReadFromLast False Wrong SavePos om_tcp module Host %WINDNS_OUTPUT_DESTINATION_ADDRESS% Port %WINDNS_OUTPUT_DESTINATION_PORT% Execute $EventTime = number($EventTime)/1000; integer $EventReceivedTime exec = integer ($EventReceivedTime) / 1000; Run to_json(); The windows_security_eventlog path is set to out_chronicle_windevents.
    4. Start the NXLog.Le service

    Configure Microsoft Windows Central Server

    For more information, see Linux in Installing and setting up redirects in Linux.
    or Install and configure a redirector on Microsoft Windows
    for more information on installing about and configuring forwarding see

    1. Set your system to UTC time zone.
    2. Chronicle forwarders installed on a Microsoft or windows Linux central server.
    3. Are you setting up Chronicle forwarding to link logs to Chronicle? Here is a
      An example of a literal forwarder configuration.

       .— .system .log:
      . . . . . .together:
      . . . . . . .included: true
      Data type: WINEVTLOG
      burst_n_seconds: 10
      lot_n_bytes: 1048576
      9 tcp_address:.0.0.0:10518