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Windows 7: Change Exact BIOS Boot Order

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11.02.2022 10:43:46

Accessing system configuration to select a drive

Find out exactly what type of BIOS version you have to access it. Case (or someone already knows how to access your company’s BIOS. Go to step 7.)

1. “Run” Select “Start” from the menu and type “msinfo32” in the field that opens.

3. Locate the “Version/Date” entry in the “Specific Items in BIOS” column. The BIOS hardware is listed in the adjacent column under the “Value” title.

4. Match the BIOS schedule with those listed to determine which key to press later to enter the BIOS when the processor wakes up.

Part of award software (now from Phoenix Technologies) – AwardBIOS, Award BIOS ……………….(Delete or Ctrl+Alt+Esc)

If you can’t find the BIOS company, try one of the following keys:

  • F3

  • F4

  • F10

  • F12

  • Esc

  • Ctrl+Alt+F3

  • Tab

  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Delete data-a11y-ignore=”pNotUsedAsHeader”>Ctrl+Alt+Delete

  • Ctrl+Insert

  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc

  • Fn+[any “F” function key] (on laptops)

  • 5 some. key, write down which you need to press to restart your computer.

    6. When the screen becomes somewhat black, press the desired button (shown below) once.

    7. The BIOS setup application should show up as “Computer Settings”.

    NOTE. Because each BIOS setup utility is different, information on where to find ordering solutions varies when booting a computer from a mobile computing device.oystvo. A menu item or setting can optionally be called boot options, boot in boot order, etc. You can even find the boot order in a full menu such as Advanced Options, Advanced BIOS Options, or Other.

    The steps below are mainly for the example BIOS only, the BIOS may vary slightly on computers.

    1. Once the boot menu is found, find the boot order you need to change.

    2. To change the device that boots first, enter the BIOS setup utility on the Change Boot Order screen.

    3. In this .example, the .boot order .could be .changed using .the .+- .and .keys.. Keep in mind that your BIOS may have different instructions.

    4. Using the + – and keys in the example moves the CD drive to the top, related to the boot order.

    5. Save with F10: after completing all actions, or return to the output tab to improve and record.

    6. Select [Yes]. When the instance configuration confirmation is displayed, allNecessary changes will be made. (Read them carefully before inserting [yes] the glenohumeral joint, and make sure the results are acceptable)

    7. CD Insert into the appropriate drive before restarting the computer. (However, if possible, the placed CD should be in the drive when the processor attempts to boot from it.)

    NOTE. When the computer restarts, the BIOS tries to load its first hardware in the boot order you selected. If the first device is not just bootable, try booting the computer from the second device according to the boot order and continue booting that way. In this case, the computer does not boot, the operator may need to set a new boot order in a dominant position to successfully boot next time.

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